Why knowing CPR is something of great importance

When the little boy stopped breathing suddenly

When the baby’s aunt, Pamela Rauseo was driving, she suddenly noticed that her nephew was in great distress and pulled on the road side. She quickly starting performing CPR on the baby’s limp.

Some people who were passing by noticed the aunt on the road and they came to help immediately. Lucila Godoy helped perform the COR and also comforted the aunt when her nephew continued to have breathing difficulties. Al Diaz, a news photographer quickly alighted from his car when he saw them and started to run backward via the cars that had stopped and started to ask for help. He finally found a local police who was in a patrol car. Amaruis Bastidas, the police officer run quickly to assist the CPR efforts and started to do chest compressions on him.

Minutes later when the paramedics arrived, the CPR had proved to be successful and the little boy was now breathing again. He regained consciousness and his color also improved. When he arrived at the Jackson Memorial Hospital he was listed to be in a stable condition. The kid was born prematurely and had later suffered from some breathing problems even though the doctors never elaborated on what had caused the frightening episode.

Why getting CPR training is so important

Such strangers are recognized as heroes as they helped save the life of the baby. However, they only regard themselves as ordinary persons who are trying to offer some assistance wherever and whenever they can. According to Godoy, she saw the lady with a baby screening and when you come across such a scenario, you just stop because something must be wrong. She thought about it and knew that if your baby has a problem, you will of course want the help of someone. According to the police offer, he was just grateful that he put his training to work and that he had just performed his duty.

Reading such stories of people who help a stranger unquestionably is just great and we even feel good when they have such incredible life saving skills. This is a very sobering reminder on the importance of learning lifesaving techniques such as the Heimlich maneuver and CPR. Last year I had a baby but the hospital never released me until I watched a video that was hour long about infant CPR. So, as I was attending the baby, I became very rusty about the technique such as how many breaths and how fast should the compressions be as well where I was supposed to press. It is important that every person has basic resuscitation skills and most fire departments, hospitals and even police departments even offer simple CPR workshops and certification courses.