How prorgressive Zika virus is?

The very 1st fast detection test kit for Zika virus has been progress by a group of 2 hospitals in Texas. Zika is a mosquito borne disease that was associated with some birth defects among newborn babies, though there is no proof yet. Microcephaly is the birth defect that they are referring to. In this condition babies have small heads and it is linked to brain damage.

It was perceived that there were more than 4,000 believed cases of microcephaly in Brazil. This nation was said to be suffering from Zika epidemic according to the WHO.  From the start, it spreads out last spring time, the virus has scattered to more than 30 nations and in places in Latin America and in the Caribbean as well. The WHO has estimated that there may be more than 4M cases of people with Zika in the U.S in the succeeding years.

The progress of the new test made by the researchers in hospitals in Texas namely the Texas Children’s hospital & Houston Methodist Hospital. They have made a personalized test for both hospitals lab and give outcomes after a few hours. It can be used for blood tests, urine tests, spinal fluid test and amniotic fluid test, based on the research. With most of the cases linked with Zika virus are travel related it is now becoming prominent in America, along with the dramatic rise of the people being exposed in mosquitos in summer and spring time.  People must be prepared for the rising demand for the test, said Dr. James of the Texas Medical Center.

The solutions to the problem with Zika virus

There must be solutions to issues; there must also be answers to queries for women and families who might have seen the symptoms of Zika or those who have travelled in places where Zika virus is pandemic.  To this day, the doctors have seen the dangers of waiting for a long time just to be tested in some local labs and by the centers in the US according to the team in Texas who have developed the test kits.

At the moment only those who have registered in any of the 2 hospitals in Texas can get the fast Zika test. However, the labs might accept some referrals for testing from other hospitals & in some Clinics in the days, months or years to come when the need arise. The test kit is made from the newest technology and it allows the doctors and the patients to collect a fast result. Getting faster results would mean giving immediate medical attention to the patient too. This test will surely be needed by other hospitals not just in Texas alone but in other states as well.