Just January of this year, there were reports stating that women who started out with their hormone replacement therapy after getting a hip bone or knee replacement surgery were able to lower down the risk of getting another procedure of the same type by around 40%. Around 2% of women who have had a hip or knee replacement surgery just got another one just after 3 years or so.

Most of these cases are essential due to the complication that is known as osteolysis that happens to be small pieces of implant seeping thru the tissue surrounding the implant, thus it causes more inflammation that ruins the bone surrounding the implant according to British researchers.

There is precise evidence that the pills such as hormone replacement therapy used to avert osteoporosis and fractures can be very advantageous on implant survival in women going through the knee or hip replacement according to Dr. Arden, the director of the musculoskeletal epidemiology at the England’s University of Oxford. The findings however should be established in studies, but they are very much consistent with the past reports by the group stating that the association between the use of the drugs with the same kind of effects to the bone and the risk of implant revision as well.

Why women worry?

On the other hand, a lot of women are very much scared and anxious about the hormone replacement therapy, since there were reports in the past about its risk for developing cancer and heart related ailments. The risk of having another surgery is just thin, but the question still remains that even if or if it is not starting a hormone replacement therapy. Certainly, this is just an added possible effect of the hormone replacement therapy. On the other hand, it is just a small piece of data for women who got a total knee or total hip replacement and considered going through a hormone replacement therapy for the signs of menopause.

The essence of hormone replacement therapy

According to Dr. Arden & his colleagues, the data gathered in over 21,000 women who  never went through a hormone replacement therapy after a hip or knee replacement are still under further tests and they were able to compare them from the 3,500 women who too hormone replacement therapy for 6 months just after the operation. On the other hand, ladies who took the hormone therapy replacement for more than 1 year after the operation were more likely to go through another surgery after 3 years or so by around 50%.

According to researchers, taking the hormone replacement therapy before the procedure can make a very big difference into their lives. According to an ortho-surgeon, there might be a big difference in the case of women who took the drugs before the surgery, because the pill may have helped them to strengthen the bone just after they had the knee or the hip replacement operations.