What Uriel Loman has to say about HIV?

There was this guy named Uriel Loman, he was 23 years of age and during those times when a doctor diagnosed him of having HIV, it became a turning point that changes his entire life. He still clearly recalled the day the doctor said he was HIV positive to this day. Loman is actually gay and he is honest about it.  However, during the times when he was still experimenting with his sexuality, he became involved in some dangerous acts before he was diagnosed with HIV.  He may have been a primary candidate for the HIV prevention drug treatment called PrEP, however, he said to the CBS news that during those times, he doesn’t have any idea about it.

When he was asked before he was diagnosed with HIV if he has ever encountered PrEP, well, he straightly said no. His life story is a living example of why the government pushes the health care officers to have include the Centers for Disease Control in the drive to make people aware about the once-a-day- pill that can help in preventing HIV infection for those who are at high risk of becoming infected. If the pills are taken according to the instructions, it will be effective by more than 90% in keeping a person negative for HIV. This pill stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis.  This can be bought under the name Truvada and it is a mixture of 2 powerful HIV medicines in just 1 pill.

The breakthrough in PrEP

In 1 out of the 3 primary care gives along with nurses are not familiar about the PrEP according to a doctor of the Northwell Health in New York. He said that he has been working hard to get the word out from the patients and from others about the advantages of using the pill. He is very much concerned about the welfare of the youngsters such as Loman, who is actually within the age bracket wherein there is a rise in the recorded number of infections, even with the overall HIV rates and even if it went  down. The CDC has discovered that kids ages 13 -24 years old are accounted for the 26% of the fresh HIV infection cases in the U.S alone in 2010 according to the newest data.

According to the Dr. they thought of bringing new cases of the HIV down accordingly if everyone requires taking the PrEP, he added. According to Loman, if he had discovered the pill can help, it may have changed his life. He is now 25 years of age and he is working as an advocate at the Pride of Youth. This is an LGBTQ center located in NYC. He added, he wants to see some changes and the change in his generation. He is also eyeing in educating youngsters about the pill. He even uses the social media to hit some other people. He is actually keeping his fingers crossed and hopes that his life story can help in persuading people to keep safe all the time.