Best advice on how to deal with seemingly high blood pressure levelsWhen some patients visit a doctor, they tend to argue that they always have a normal blood pressure at home. Most patients who come to see me have abnormally high blood pressure, sometimes well over 130/90.

This is referred to as the ‘white coat hypertension’. Even though it is believed to be the anxiety of having to see a doctor, it has been proved that long established patients without any anxiety conscious usually exhibit high blood pressure while in the office. Since blood pressure fluctuates naturally and that a visit to the office is not usually a ‘normal’ setting, patients with hypertension or high blood pressure should have their blood pressure cuff at home.

Taking BP readings and patterns

Nowadays, automation of devices makes them easy to use and everyone with high blood pressure should be able to monitor their blood pressure levels at home. It is advisable that one takes multiple BP readings over the week on different times. Make a point of taking a reading as you rush around and when resting. Also, take readings after a meal and while exercising and you should maintain a log. This is the only way you will be able to see your blood pressure patterns and understand where your blood pressure is managed or not. With blood pressure becoming one of the leading causes of death in 21st century, it is essential that you have it managed appropriately. There are obvious reasons why someone’s blood pressure would tend to be high while at home only for it to reduce considerably when relaxing at home.

Interpreting high blood pressure results

Presence of high blood pressure at the office could be a manifestation of real hypertension but could also be caused by ‘white coat hypertension, which is easily controlled when one, is at home. If the patient is taking medication to control blood pressure and is actually able to control the BP, a good doctor will not give the patient additional medication simply because his or blood pressure increases while the patient is at the office. For a patient who is yet to be diagnosed and identified to be suffering from hypertension but blood pressure increases while at the office, such a patient should be advised to get his or her home cuff and the readings returned to the doctor for review and recommendations. This is a good strategy for minimizing unnecessary but highly expensive medications and a good way to keep the patient protected as well.

The good thing about blood pressure is that it is easily manageable if the right actions are taken. A good doctor should review a patient’s case conclusively before recommending and medications. This will help in guaranteeing good results and avoiding unnecessary spending on medications.