AccCollege drinking causes more than a hangoverording to a recent research, drinking binge frequently in colleges has other disastrous effects later in life rather than the common hangover. Consumption of multiple drinks regularly within a short time period could lead to significant changes in normal circulation that can make a healthy young adult more vulnerable to suffering from cardiovascular disease in adulthood. This is as far as a research published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology is concerned.

Shocking data on binge drinking in colleges

Shane A. Philips from the University of Illinois, Chicago noted that one of the major public health problem deeply rooted in college campuses is drinking binge regularly. Drinking especially in colleges has not only just become quite persuasive but also led to a lot of serious destruction. Drinking binge is neurotic for the victims and data collected provides sufficient evidence that it can lead to serious consequences later in life such as cardiovascular heat diseases. Most of those engaging in many episodes of drinking binge are college students aged between 18 and 25 years of age. In addition, most those engaged in binge drinking in colleges reported to be drinking regularly.

Past studies done on binge drinking by adults aged between 40 and 60 years increased the risk of suffering from stroke, heart attack and even sudden death. However, there are no previous studies investigating the effects of binge drinking on young adults. Researchers investigated a group of nonsmoking healthy students; students who had abstained from drinking alcohol and those with a history of drinking binge. In this case, binge consumption was regarded as drinking at least five standard size binge drinks. The researchers questioned the students on their past medical history, binge drinking frequency, history of alcohol drinking at the family and diet.

Binge drinkers and healthy students compared

According to the findings of the result, students who drink binge frequently showed impairment of smooth muscle and endothelium cell types which regulate blood flow. Such vascular changes observed showed a similar level of impairment just like people that were engaged in heavy alcohol consumption in their life. In some cases, the research concluded that binge drinking was linked to atherosclerosis, artery hardening and related cardiovascular ailments including stroke and heart attack. In addition, students engaged in binge drinking recorded a relatively higher blood pressure and cholesterol unlike the healthy students. Mariann Pianno said that it was crucial for young adults in colleges to understand that patterns resulting from binge drinking are extreme forms of unhealthy drinking and can lead to serious medical and social consequences. There are many studies which try to warn young students on how a bad lifestyle in college resulting from their behaviors and choices can lead to health problems during their later life. However, the research concluded by saying that it is important to study on whether the damage resulting from binge consumption in colleges could be reversed to mitigate the onset of heart diseases.