Though a lot of people believe that heart disease is a type of ailment that mainly attack men from various parts of the globe, little did they know that the same amount of men and women die every year due to heart disease in the US. There is a study showed to the American Heart Association’s Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions of 2014 that women below the age of 55 may suffer from bad health outcomes after a heart attack when compared to men. There were studies in the past that show how young women were burdened with pre-existing hazard factors. This research is linked with Dr. Rachel P. Dreyer’s study in cardiovascular medicine at Yale School of Medicine. The factors have shown that the adverse effects in women are harsher than men.

Researchers have shown the comparison conducted by Doctors

In the medical records being analyzed by Dreyer and her other fellow doctors made the interviews with different people who had heart attacks in the US and in Spain between year 2008 to 2012 and they did this with around three thousand five hundred one people, seventy percent of them were women. The data was taken from the National, Heart, Lung & Blood Institute funded variation in Recovery.
When associated with men, its women who are more prone to suffer from deprived physical functioning like poor mental functioning, chest pain, low life quality & inferior physical limitations in the year after the heart attack. Negative health practiced by women have had a heart attack were associated with socio-demographic, biological reasons, clinical causes and that may include undiagnosed chest pain, increase in work and life stress and health care access too.

Importance of taking care of women’s health to make them live a full life too

The outcome of the emerging cures is specially designed to help young women in improving their recovery after a heart attack, according to Dreyer. They must be able to know women who are at a higher risk and think of how to take care of them after they have been discharged in the hospital. Heart ailment is the prime killer among men and women these days and this data came from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. About sixty four percent of women who pass away right after a coronary heart disease never experienced any signs at all. The signs like shortness of breath, tiredness, chest pain are just some of the common symptoms of a heart attack, but they tend to be mild on some women that they never thought that this could lead to a life threatening situation. Most of them think that the symptoms might just be acid reflux or a simple flu. It pays to know your health condition all the time by going to the doctor when you feel something unusual.