Autism children visits to hospital can be connected to psychiatric reasons since the study pointed out that various severe behaviors were as a result of continued aggression that caused the emergency visits. According to the research group that published those findings, it was reported that there was a likelihood of the victims to be taken into the psychiatric ward if their health insurance were private instead of the normal medical assistance.

According to Dr. Roma Vasa who is the senior study author and professional psychiatrist for in children in the Kennedy Krieger Institute, the center for autism and related disorders, it was said that in accordance with private health care, these children weren’t in fact receiving the required outpatient mental health care but rather families of these victims considered taking them for urgent help instead of dealing with the crisis in the family that is affecting the children. While the findings were focused towards highlighting the urgency of comprehensive outpatient mental health care as well as insurance coverage for those children with autism according to the research results it is evident that there is more untouched.

About the research and what is comprised of

In order to arrive at the described findings, and using the 2008 national emergency department sample, the researchers were able to examine data that was retrieved from the archives of about 3.9 million emergency visits to the hospital. The patients were categorized on age groups of three to seventeen. Among those ages, 13,191 visits were associated with children who had checked in with signs of ASD. The focus on the study to identify possible cases of ASD and children who were likely to make more hospital visits with the same severe conditions was associated with mood, anxiety as well as psychotic disorders. Suicide and self injuries among other tantalizing behaviors especially aggression were also used in the samples.

Further study was centered towards different types of insurance coverage and the possibilities of increased emergency visits based on psychiatric factors. This is where private medical insurance was concluded as one of the key causes since the results revealed that 58% of the tested candidates were likely to visit the emergency rooms for mental health issues.

What the findings from the research identified

The likelihood of children visiting hospitals to be treated against ASD were at higher risk of showing zero improvement if the emergency rooms for psychiatric behaviors were used. The results were based on the findings from the study where it was evaluated that one out of every 88 children in the US diagnosed with ASD could portray those symptoms unless the condition showed signs or possibilities to abate. For this reason, emergency departments should try other methods when accommodating children with ASD instead of relying on the traditional techniques such adapting separate rooms for victims of ASD.