Fighting breast cancer is really hard and very dreadful; however, the survivors must be given proper care as well. At present, there are 2 primary groups in terms of cancer care that have given guidelines about the kind of follow up that these patients need. The protocols were issued by the American Cancer Society along with the American Society of Clinical Oncology. These are the much needed for the 3.1M people who have survived the breast cancer treatment and are alive to this day in America. The survivorship is demarcated as living with, done and away from cancer. Every phrase comes with an original concern and trials.

Taking care of the patients

As per the new guidelines, regular check up is important among patients who have survived the treatment for the possible recurrence of cancer which is one of the important recommendations. The monitoring must be evaluated, there must be a detailed cancer background, physical check up and the patients must also be checked for a new primary breast cancer. On the other hand, the patients without any signs, the present proof doesn’t sustain the routine lab tests or any medical scans aside from the mammography when needed, according to the guidelines.

The doctors handling the primary care of the patients must be given guidelines about how to properly take care of the breast cancer survivors and how to help them keep a lifestyle that is healthy and a lifestyle that will conform to the endocrine therapy, hormonal treatments like tamoxifen which is used to keep cancer away. The patients must also be checked for post treatment signs that may be harmful to their quality of life.

There are new procedures that have been provided and all of the information indicated contain certain number of problems that may the survivors may face like thinking or memory lapses, disfigured body issues, fatigue, coordinating care and others. Breast cancer survivors may possibly face possible impressions of the cancer and the treatment, they deserve a high quality of life, they must be taken to the doctor for a follow up and their checkups must be very comprehensive.

The primary care clinicians should consider every patient’s primary risk profile along with their inclinations to care and to handle the physical along with the psychological effects. Another professional agreed to the fact that while the standardized guidelines are much needed, it is clear that there is no one size that fits all kinds of method in terms of caring for the cancer survivors.  According to the latest review, it can help in making a more constant plan of action for all breast cancer patients according to an oncologist. This is important to make them live a healthy and full life after cancer.