Words Will Not Help When Cancer Is At an Advanced StageThis killer disease called cancer is among the worst disasters that no one would wish on anyone. It has many worst things about it and one of them is that the patient knows what is going on, the stage the ailment is at, and what will happen next if some procedures are not done. For instance, if a doctor opts for a radiation just for the purpose of relieving pain instead of a surgery that may prolong the life of the patient, the reality of what may happen afterwards sends shivers down the spines of the family members and mainly the patient.

No one would want to even imagine how a cancer patient lives. When patients have other chronic diseases like HIV and diabetes, it is very easy to assure them that there is still life, but cancer limits the life of a patient up to certain duration. When it gets to a point of prescribing radiation to relieve pain, then the battle is almost beyond salvaging. Doctors will always try to keep the hope alive but not when they are very sure that what they are telling the patient will not be of any help.

Hope Works Psychologically

Medical practitioners have that ability to make patients have the hope to see tomorrow. If you want to meet people who can create imaginary life where there is none, then ask any health officer the condition of a patient who is under his or her care. Even at the time of discharging them when all has been done but no improvement achieved, the physician will still encourage the family member to take a lot of care when handling the patient. Human life is vital and should not be neglected even at the final second

Patients Are Sensitive Too

After continued clinic sessions, an oncologist becomes an integral part of the cancer patient’s life. They get used to each other to the point that the facial expression will tell all that is in the other persons mind. This works perfectly because they both coordinate well as they continue with chemotherapy and radiation sessions. The downside of it is that when something is amiss the patient will realize even before the physician mentions it. In that case, when it comes a time when all channels of prolonging the life of a cancer patient have been exhausted, the best thing to do is simply relax and talk as normal. Giving words of hope to the patient will be useless because the patient will at times tell the physician off because he or she already knows that the condition is past the rollback stage.