Effect of malpractice on patients and doctorsThe fact of the matter is that it has an impact with doctors who’ve faced it being more likely to take away their lives as a result. Doctors are just like any other human, despite their ability to heal, and that’s why it’s normal for them to get scarred by the ordeals they have to go through during the trials.

The American Medical news gives audience to the story. They write that the only way to making it through such storms is by surrounding oneself with a support group or network. The doctor’s legal representative will recommend that they avoid bringing up the case. This actually does more harm than good as it isolates them during a period when they should be surrounded by friends.

A telling experience about malpractice lawsuits

Dr. Sullivan says that the process makes one want to keep everything to them. The feeling of solitude creeps in as any glimmer of hope fades away. The Director of the center for Professional well-being in Durham, Dr. John-Henry, says that there is a real need to dish out all the anger and depression. It’s only then will one be relieved of the all the suffering that they might be experiencing when alone.

Returning to practice after such a horrible ordeal is even compared to overcoming death based on the experience. Dr. Melton share his experience as all he expected was nothing other than a guilty verdict. To his dismay, the verdict came different. He eventually returned to work though as a different man who didn’t have any joy in the work he was doing. He become quieter as all the energy he once possessed for activities such as community and church projects gradually dissipated.

Dr. Firestone, an attorney and psychiatrist, says that it’s true that overcoming a lawsuit is similar to defeating death. The effect can last a lifetime depending on the mentality of the individual. They often go through several phases which could consist of grief and denial.

The impact that it has on patients

Doctors affected are more likely to tread with utmost caution when treating patients. This is a normal responsive mechanism. The patients turn from being normal friends and become adversaries. The doctor’s relationship with their patients becomes damaged and irreparable. Any sense of friendship between the two seizes to exist as an intense and extreme level of professionalism is imposed with no room or tolerance for collaboration. This tense atmosphere will obviously affect the patient as few if any will find it conducive and favorable.

The system fails to properly accommodate the injured, who in all honesty, rarely get full compensation and attention. Instead, the focus is shifted to tormenting the doctor and all that they stand for. The reality of the matter is cruel and cold and it doesn’t get better once you come across facts stating that at least 60% of doctors will be sued before they hit 55 yrs. This doesn’t mean that huge number doctors are bad. On the contrary, it’s just that they made a bad call that not only resulted in someone getting hurt, but also had their immense reputation wiped clean from the slate. Fair? You be the judge!