Comparing the kids and the cities

There was a new research that compares the school kids in Alberta regarding the stopping of fluoride application in Calgary and the bad impact it gave on the dental health of the kids. This adds up to the debate over the fluoride application.  The study that was published just recently compared the dental health of the grade 2 kids in Edmonton and in Calgary. Calgary has just stopped the water fluoride application in 2011, but it is still in the drinking water in Edmonton. The researchers did the study and then they compare the data from the dental records of more than 5,000 grade 2 pupils in the 2 mentioned cities starting from the year 2004 to 2005 and from 2013 to 2014. They have checked on the rise in tooth decay on the surfaces of the teeth of the kids.

According to the researchers, they have discovered that the baby teeth were worse and they were decaying in Calgary ever since fluoride applications stopped in 2011. This is when compared to the teeth of the kids in Edmonton.  They have discovered that the dental cavities or the tooth decay became worse in both of the cities in Canada; however it became worse in Calgary. This is according to the lead author of the study, who is also the professor in a University in Calgary. It is so important in the research made, that means that it will be not a probability of random inspection, but it may be meaningful. Particularly, the number of teeth and their surfaces with decay in kids rises by around 3.8% among kids in Calgary; this is when compared to those from Edmonton with only 2.1%.

Preventive dental measures in kids

The average kid at this age has around 20 teeth with 4-5 surfaces in every tooth according to researchers.  Tooth decay is one of the most prominent problems of infectious diseases among kids. It will end up in so much pain for kids and mandates a costly dental treatment that includes fillings or tooth extraction. Dental issues are the primary cause of dental surgery among kids in Canada, according to researchers.  The best thing to take care of the dental health of the kids is through fluoride application according to a researcher.

The study pointed out that tooth decay made it worse for the kids along with the stopping of the fluoride from the drinking water, particularly in the main chief and it will be more essential to go on in monitoring the trends, she insisted.  The early outcome of the fluoride stopping that was discovered in this research sustained the presence and the importance of water fluoride in improving the oral health of the kids and that is the public health measure that is just worth keeping.