Is flu vaccine not for everyone?

Kids with flu vaccine will not trigger an allergic reaction among kids allergic to eggs and those with asthma according to a study. Nowadays, it is also suitable for young individuals with a well monitored asthma or wheezing. There are evidences that show how kids and teens are the primary spreaders of flu infection. Just in 2012, the United Kingdom Department of Health has just recommended that the yearly flu vaccine must be done for kid’s ages 2 to 16 years of age with live attenuated influenza vaccine or LAIV, which is a part of the NHS or the childhood vaccination program.

LAIV is a nasal spray vaccine made for teens, but there is limited safety information linked to its use in young individuals with allergy to eggs or those with asthma. There are some guidelines, however that suggests against the use of LAIV in kids less than 5 years of age with a background of wheezing and asthma. But this just means that lots of young individuals are still not secured and they can still spread the disease to other people, in this case, a team of researchers sent out to do the assessment for the safety in giving LAIV for those with allergy to eggs.

What happens if a person allergic to egg is given flu vaccine?

About 779 people ages 2 to 18 years old with allergy to egg were brought from the 30UK allergy centers and they were given LAIV as a form of immunization. Some of the 315 or 40% had an allergic reaction to eggs previously, while 270 had an anaphylaxis to egg prior to the vaccine, while the 445 people were diagnosed with asthma or prevalence wheezing.  All of the participants were observed for less than an hour after they were given the vaccine and then followed up by a telephone 3 days after. Those with a background of prevalent wheezing or asthma went through a follow up 4 weeks after. There were no systemic allergic reactions happened in the past 2 hours of vaccination. 9 of the participants went through mild skin rashes, itchiness, runny nose and sneezing, which means that they have experienced a local type of allergic reaction.

There are delayed events that may be possible because of the vaccine that was reported in 221 participants, however, no other participants were sent to the hospital and there was no rise in the lower respiratory tract signs happened in the last 4 weeks of after they were given the vaccine, this report was given by the asthma control test center. According to the study, that confirms the previous findings that LAIV is not likely to cause asthma attacks or systemic allergy reactions in teens with egg allergy according to the authors. The proof also showed and sustained the need of the revision of the Department of Health guidance for 2015-2016 with the chronic anaphylaxis to egg, which has previously been mandated for the intensive care, kids with allergy to be safely vaccinated with Fluenza tetra at any cost and that includes the primary care and schools.