Importance of emergency care during H1N1 epidemicACEP- American College of Emergency Physicians and ENA- Emergency Nurses Association have been at the front line in advising the public on what they should do during a swine flu epidemic. Patients were recommended by the two organizations to seek quick medical care when infected with this epidemic. These two organizations reminded the public on the importance of applying ‘prudent layperson standards’ to any injury or illness. If any person thinks that your symptoms necessitate a medical emergency, it is advisable that you seek emergency health care.

Get help from emergency nurses and physicians

The president of ACEP, Dr. Nick Jouriles said that emergency nurses and physicians are trained specially to assess symptoms of the infection and offer the right treatment. If any member of the public has some doubts regarding his or her medical condition, the person should get in touch with these emergency nurses and physicians for help. While most people in the nation have been alarmed by news reports regarding swine flu, you should also keep in mind that real cases of this illness are actually very few in United States. However, you shouldn’t seek emergency health care if you have none of these symptoms. Also, people with a cough or fever are extremely unlikely to be having swine flu.

Most of the emergency nurses and physicians all over the nation have been seeing people who actually don’t have these symptoms, but just want to be reassured that they haven’t been infected with this epidemic. The nurses and physicians have been very prompt in providing them with useful information they are seeking about the condition. Well, given the nature in which news about swine flu have spread, it is understandable that the average person will be worried about his or her condition.

Helping the public understand swine flu

In their efforts of ensuring that the public has a good understanding about H1N1, Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been keen to keep their web pages up to date about the various swine flu symptoms and useful information such as when one should seek emergency medical care. In case you have any of such symptoms, ordinarily, this wouldn’t require that you visit the emergency center, but you consider going there because you are somehow afraid that you might be having swine flu.

The president of ENA, Bill Briggs said that most illnesses and not just swine flu are highly transmittable in public places. He added that the only best way that one could avoid this diseases spreading is by staying at home until the symptoms have subsided. As they continue pushing for health care reforms, it is important that policy makers recognize that emergency nurses and emergency physicians play a unique role in the society more so during crisis time. The emergency health care personnel have specialized expertise to reassure people scared by swine flu.