How to cope after bladder surgery When bladder cancer leads to the removal of the bladder, a new way must be provided for urine to exit. After a urostomy, the urine will be leaving the body via a stoma which is a small opening that doctors create during the surgery. The urine will be draining into the urostomy bag. You might feel distressed or shocked the first time you wear a urostomy bag, mainly because this is something you will do for your remaining part of life. Even though it might be surprising, most people can get used to urostomy very quickly and easily.

Chances are high that you have many questions regarding how urostomy bag will impact on your life. Here is a look at top five questions that will help keep you at ease.

Will bladder surgery change my daily routine?

After you have learned to you will be caring for your urostomy, then your daily home routine might not change greatly as such. It is essential that you keep good track of your supplies and equipment and make re-orders as necessary to ensure they don’t run out. Unless otherwise is advised, you can take a bath or shower just as you used to do and it is up to you to leave your bag off or on.

How will I get used to this bag?

In case your urostomy is making you feel clumsy or unsure, you should give your resources a call. Just ask the health care aides or nurse assigned to assist you and even get in touch with your local ostomy association. Working with your urostomy more helps you feel more comfortable.

How will I manage to stop worrying about the way others think?

Even though some people could be curious regarding your urostomy bag, many of them will respect your privacy. There are times you will come across people seeking for more info than you are prepared to share. You don’t need to worry about this and you should be comfortable with what you want to share and with whom. You get to decide on your own.

When can I resume work?

There are some people who are quick to get back to work after the surgery while others are slow with it. If the washroom facilities make you concerned, it is advisable that you talk to other patients and let them tell you how they adjusted. You can even confide in a co-worker you trust to offer you assistance when you feel overwhelmed or in times of emergency.


Will I ever be able to have fun again

Surgery could give you a feeling of not undertaking your usual activities anymore. You are discouraged from engaging in heavy lifting as you can damage the stoma and avoid contact sports as well. However, you can participate in other sports as well and have as much fun as you want.