First Aid Training Classes Can Improve Your Chances in the Job Market

In the current job market, having additional skills is vital in getting that job that you always wanted.

A first Aid training awarded with a certificate can go a long way in making you stand out among job applicants or as an employee. First aid skills are life-saving techniques that can prove to be useful in any office.

First aid training classes usually involves simple but crucial steps that can help rescue workers in the event of small accidents or sudden collapses due to cardiac arrests and heart attacks.

Why Employers Consider First Aid Training Important

Here are some reasons suggested by job experts why this training could boost your portfolio

It is a rare skill on demand

While you are looking to get a job in a competitive industry, first aid training for office can be a great addition to your curriculum vitae.

Most employers look for such skills since they can come in handy when a situation that requires the assistance of a first aider.

Plus, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has made it a requirement that “if no clinic, hospital or infirmary is close to an office to attend to employees in case of any injuries, then there should be at least one trained employee with first aid knowledge and adequate first aid training kits in the premise.

Therefore having these extra first aider capabilities will benefit many businesses since they don’t have to pay for training or hire a first aider.

It shows that you can handle stress in the workplace

Being a first aider is useful for critical health scenarios in the workplace. Most people turn away at the sight of blood or injuries; being a trained first aider shows that you can handle this stress with calmness.

It also shows that you can remain focused when working under stressful conditions, making sober decisions, and display the utmost compassion.

It shows that you have initiative

Obtaining a certificate for first aid training during your free time shows that you utilize your time well and have the passion to learn new skills – it is a valuable skill set for any employee in the office.

It shows you’re confident

A report by a company training first aiders, American STI, states that having an extra skill will make you more confident, knowing you can save ‘someone’s life when they collapse out of the blues.

It signifies that you are a team player

Certification in first aid shows employers that you are capable of performing well in a team, undertaking responsibility when needed with a calm and composed manner regardless of the situation, whether stressful or peaceful.

This is a trait that can sell you out in a competitive job market.

You save cost and time in businesses

As a first aider, you are trained on staying alert and focused on the task at hand during stressful environments, including during accidents in the office and dangerous situations.

Therefore this training provides you with extra value to the employers and makes you a sought after employee.

You are an assurance the workplace is a safe!

If multiple trainees of first aid training are in an office, the office has an advantage since the trainees are often referred to as health officials and therefore possess the capability to spot problems or hazards before they can happen or pose risks to the other employees.

You can apply the Skill Anywhere

While you cannot transfer a skill acquired at the workplace due to incompatibility, first aid is a skill set that can be used in any environment including hotels, schools, offices, buses, planes e.t.c.

There is always the need to save someone’s life anywhere you are in case a life-threatening situation occurs; so your first aid training will always come in handy occasionally. Moreover, you could volunteer during significant disasters or incidences with casualties.

If you would also wish for a career switch, the training acts as a good foundation for jobs in the health and security sectors.


It is essential to take the first aid training since it doesn’t only boost your career but also shows people that you are compassionate.

Besides, when you are saving a life, the feeling of doing something for society is always positively overwhelming. Take the first aid training and possess the skills to save a life today!