The federal government is punishing more than 758 hospitals with the higher rates of the patient safety cases, with more than ½ of those places had also been fined charged last year. The Medicare’s record was released last Wednesday with all the records.  Amidst the hospitals being penalized for the very first time, some are even well known firms that include the Stanford Health Care in Northern California, Denver Health Medical Center along with 2 other satellite hospitals managed by the Mayo Clinic Health System, Minnesota. The records came from the federal government. There are still other hospitals that are on record yet their names were not revealed yet.

The penalties are according to the assessment of the government about the redundancy of some types of infections, hip related fractures, complications and sepsis as well. Medicare will make the payments lower in all the hospitals that will be penalized by around 1% throughout the course of the federal fiscal year, which will run in September of 2016. As a whole, Medicare roughly estimates the charges may reach around $364M.

The law charges of 2010

The charges made by the health law of 2010 are the sturdiest permissions Medicare has taken on hospital’s safety.  The patient safety supporters worry so much about the fines that are not huge enough to change the hospital behavior and that they will only check a small part of the kinds of mistakes that takes place. The Medicare plans will add more kinds of conditions in the coming years.  I certainly think that the charges are very essential, added Helen. She is a highly respected patient advocate. I think that it will be the only thing that will get the attention of the people. My worry is that the measures will go on or it will be reinforced.

The charges will be imposed in a fair manner

According to the hospitals the charges are counterproductive and it is not fairly imposed over the places that have made the growth in a safe manner, however it might have not caught up some of the facilities. They also worry about the health law that mandates the Medicare to penalized ¼ of the hospitals every year.  What is quite bothersome is that most of the people have been quite improving and they get penalized, this is the reason why money may be invested into a better health care.

The penalties are among the prong of the health laws that mandate leverage the taxpayer’s dollars in making some improvements in the quality of the healthcare facilities. Yearly, Medicare also borths the pay of the hospitals with a lot of patients coming back after a month, thus it rules out the bonuses as well as the penalties for hospitals that are based on the satisfaction ratings of the patients, death rates and other show measures.