Exercise Unpopular Amongst High Blood Pressure Solutions

A new survey has indicated that a majority of people do not find exercise as a favorite option when it comes to lowering their blood pressure.

Those who took part in this research revealed their preference for alternative options such as medical prescriptions and holistic remedies.

The poll involved a total of 1400 participants and was conducted by researchers from Yale University. The questions revolved around the most preferred forms of treatment and preventative measures available and discovered that only a monthly injection to control the condition placed lower than regular exercise. Even more surprising, some individuals were found to be reluctant towards the application of any of the four treatment alternatives that were presented to them, despite the fact that this acceptance could enhance one’s living prospects by an additional five years.

Society’s View on High Blood Pressure

Dr. Erica Spatz, the lead author of the study and an assistant professor at the Yale University School for Medicine stated that most people were reluctant to commit to long-term solutions that would affect their everyday lifestyle, as they did not believe the condition would greatly affect their general wellbeing. The clinical investigator identified this perception as the main reason some people were opposed to adopting even a single prevention tactic or treatment in their daily routine.

The American Heart Association in collaboration with the American College of Cardiology portrayed the seriousness of this matter in 2017 when they lowered the readings definition of high blood pressure to encourage individuals to make earlier interventions regarding the control of this element. These interventions could take place in the form of medicine, or active lifestyle changes. The survey conducted by Dr. Spatz and her colleagues indicated that about 38% of the people interviewed had suffered from previous cases of high blood pressure, with a majority of interviewees categorized under the age of 45.

Dangers of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition that affects about a third of the American adult population according to records obtained from the CDC. This condition can enhance the risk of various cardiovascular complications such as strokes and heart attacks. Those who choose to ignore the potential danger portrayed by the existence of this element might find themselves in need of an individual with first aid certification should their symptoms suddenly take a turn for the worse health-wise. A bit over half of the cases registered by the CDC have shown elements of having their condition under control, with the remaining population choosing to cross their fingers and hope for the best.

Individuals who took the survey were offered four options as a means of treating their hypothetical condition (i.e. high blood pressure), namely, taking medication in the form of a pill, drinking a cup of tea every day, getting regular exercise, or submitting to a semi-annual or monthly injection package. The option of the pill ranked first in terms of popularity, followed by the intake of tea, getting regular exercise, and the injection package ranking lasts on the list of items.