According to the researchers, close adherence to this diet could remarkably reduce the risk of a woman being diagnosed with endometrial cancer more than half, something that is truly remarkable. The study suggested that by combining foods that are rich in fibers, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and phytochemicals can have a very favorable impact when it comes to combating the cancer that affects women commonly in the US in their reproductive organs.

Mediterranean diet- a healthy and quality diet

The team said that as per their research findings, a healthy and well balanced diet could really reduce the likelihood that a woman will get developing cancer. This further supports the fact that our day to day choices, particularly how we are active and what we eat can have an impact on the likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer. Recent studies have seen many studies being conducted, which have indicated that the mediterranean diet is truly a very healthful quality diet. There were studies published last year that linked how following the diet could not only slow aging but also reduce your risk of being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

Just recently, medical news reported an awesome study that shows that by following the mediterranean diet that has supplements of extra portions of virgin olive oil or even mixed nuts can offer older adults protection against being diagnosed with cognitive functioning. By adhering to the diet strictly, you can cut your risk of getting endometrial cancer by at least 57%.

How the study was conducted

When undertaking the study, the team of researchers essentially examined diets of over 5000 women from different parts of Canton of Vaud, Switzerland and Italy and three control studies that were done between the years of 1983 and 2006 were used as the source of control data. There were 1,411 who had been confirmed to be having endometrial cancer and the researchers compared their diet with that of 3, 668 patients who were at the hospital with some acute diseases. The team assessed the way the women closely adhered to take the Mediterranean diet through splitting of the diet they were taking into nine components and then measured the amount being consumed by these women regularly.

These components included high intake of foods like vegetables, legumes, fruits and nuts, fish, cereals and potatoes, alcohol, dairy products and meat. In their findings, the women who were following the mediterranean diet closely and consuming food components regularly had a fantastic reduction of getting endometrial cancer by as much as 57%. Eating these six diet components regularly can minimize the risk by as much as 46% and the women who ate at least five foods had a risk reduction by 34%.