A new drug seems very promising in treating autism, a study showsAbout Fragile X syndrome

Fragile X syndrome refers to a typical genetic condition that is associated with mental retardation or intellectual impairment and to some extent, autism. The medication is still being studied by the scientists and a new research has been launched to ascertain if it can help those with autism improve their social withdraw. But it s not yet very clear as to how this drug works and developers even have no idea as to what the drug might cost. Still, it is yet to be known whether or not other medications being developed will do a much better job as its alternative when used in conjunction with the drug.
The good thing is that the results available are so far very promising and this medication seems to be a great model in development of autism treatments. The loss of a fragile X gene for mental retardation protein is what causes fragile X syndrome. In US, about 100,000 people are affected by this condition that has a great potential of causing mental retardation, autism, epilepsy and even abnormal growth of the body. Fragile X syndrome has no cure yet.
The lack of this gene greatly weakens the brain wiring and even though people suffering from the condition can still work, they stay in group homes. The new drug is known as arbaclofen and a series of studies have already been launched to ascertain its effectiveness in treating fragile X syndrome and possibly other autism type conditions. Seaside Therapeutics who manufactures drugs funded the new study. This was the second study of the required three research phases which a drug must go through prior to its approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

How the drug helped autism kids

The drug was tested for a period of more than 15 months where either an inactive placebo or the drug itself was given to 63 people aged between 6 and 39 years with fragile X syndrome. 55 of the participants were men/ boys as males are more vulnerable to the condition than women. People who took this drug were able to relate well with others socially. The drug succeeded in diminishing their social anxiety, which is the main problem that these kids. They are found to be quite anxious when in a novel situation which makes it very difficult for their families.
A lay person might not easily understand the kind of improvement brought about by this drug. According to one of the researchers, families confirmed that kids who had taken the drug seem more interested to play with and talk too rather than confining themselves in their rooms. These results are with no doubt a great milestone and it seems that people might not have to wait for very long to get a cure for autism.