Why there are bluish babies?

It is heart pounding for parents to find out that their baby has turned blue, just stopped breathing and will not respond even if they wake them up. However, seconds after the incident, the baby will be back to normal.  Unluckily, these events are less awful than it seems. However, they are also more typical according to the experts from the AAP. They said that the panel that has coined this new term for this episode shows some reflection of the fact that they are somehow rare and linked with a serious root medical issue. The new term can be resolved in no time, but that will still be unexplained. The term is Brief Resolved Unexplained Events or better called BRUE.

It alters the past term called ALTE. BRUE is quite a nature of passing and there is no definite cause, he added. It is an episode that occurs to babies 1-year-old and below accompanied by some conditions like becoming bluish in color, lessened or irregular and halted breathing, marked changed of muscle tone and unable to respond.  The episode should last in less than a minute and that will be resolved on its own without any medical intervention, he added. Babies normally do these things and there is no definite explanation to it, according to a doctor. He thinks that the gist of it. This is just something that is not linked with a disease, it is not an ailment. It just happens and there is no need to worry about.

What is the diagnosis?

The doctor explained that the meaning of ALTE has been used to these episodes in 1980s. It was the time when the doctors thought that they can be related to the signs of SIDS. However, ALTE has been defined in a poor manner to a lot of kids that were taken to the hospital and got their appropriate tests. The pediatricians may even draw blood thus, there were wires attached to the baby to be able to do a radiation boosted scan, however, a lot of times, they found nothing wrong with the babies. The tests are often linked to nothing and when they conducted a diagnosis, it was not something that can be treated. They really had to ask more questions to the patient’s mom and what’s wrong with the babies.

Moreover, the research has yet to know that these events are not yet linked to SIDS, he added, taking note of the findings that is very reassuring for the parents. BRUE must be applied to instances that are based on a tighter definition of criteria than those who were given to the ALTE, he added. The doctors can detect that in an event that the BRUE only after the performing, a physical check and that will take a medical history, which will be marked as a primary way to change the way the ALTE was applied.