Do my kids really need a load of vitamin supplements? When you’re an overly concerned parent, part of your routine in caring for your kids would be to give them a dose of multivitamins. This is so that they will not get sick, and get the vitamins and minerals that they need to grow which they sometimes do not get from their diet. If you have a three-year old son who hates broccoli or any other type of vegetable, this is as good a cue for you as any to have him load up on vitamin supplements. But is it really necessary?

The Truth behind Vitamin Supplements for Kids

According to Reuters Health, a new study finds that children may not necessarily be getting their most-needed nutrients from vitamin pills. If your kid is already getting the essential vitamins and minerals to grow healthy from his or her diet, is taking vitamin pills still needed? Not necessarily. Experts agree that kids should have a balanced, healthy diet which includes milk, dairy products, veggies, fruits, protein sources and whole grains.

Since this is not an ideal world, studies did show that some kids are getting too much of essential vitamins and minerals; while some children are not getting the calcium and vitamin D that their body needs to grow healthy. Another interesting bit of information is that both older and younger kids consumed Zinc and Folate excessively, whether or not they are taking vitamin pills.

To Give or not to Give Vitamins to Your Kids

Manufacturers have yet to find that delicate balance between producing vitamin pills which gives kids the vitamins and minerals that their bodies exactly need. So what are parents supposed to do in the meantime? The key is to know when you should and should not give vitamins to your kids.

Children who need vitamin supplements are the following:

  • Those whose parents do not have the time to prepare home cooked, balanced meals for them.
  • Those who are finicky eaters.
  • Those who have chronic medical conditions like asthma and digestive problems.
  • Those who are engaged in physically demanding sports activities.
  • Those who are on a restrictive diet.
  • Those who consume a lot of carbonated drinks and junk foods.

Meanwhile, the kids who may not necessarily need vitamin pills are those who are getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need to grow from their diet. Some of the must-have vitamins and minerals for kids include vitamins A, B, C, D, calcium and iron.

It is never a good idea to give your kids mega vitamins which include large doses of vitamins. The fat-soluble ones can be toxic if kids overdose on them and the same thing holds true for iron. The key is to know when your kids need vitamin pills. If they don’t, see to it that they are getting all the vitamins and minerals needed for them to grow healthy with the help of a nutritious, delicious balanced diet.