Understanding the point of view of health insurers

The health insurers in some huge cities will start to feel the pain from visiting their doctors starting 2016. The plans will start to offer some free visits to the primary care doctors just within the network. Yes, that’s right! When you visit the doctor there will be no copays anymore and no coinsurance. You will not be asked to pay for the deductible as well. In Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and Dallas, more than 1 dozen other markets along with people looking for a perfect coverage in an insurance exchange that may help them pick the right health plans giving free checkup, which is an advantage that must not be thought twice.

The modification is ongoing in a restricted number of plans that follows some reports stating that huge amount on copays and deductibles have downcast a lot of Americans who have filled up for some private coverage in the past 2 years from the use of the new insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act. Some of the insurers say that they still wish to have a persuading visit to the doctors and to get the advantages that every member must have along with the bottom lines by simply catching the ailments early on before they become worse and hard to cure. For instance, the need to prescribe antibiotics to those with pneumonia can help in preventing it from getting worse and to also prevent being hospitalized for too long.

More so, the plan may also cut down the use of some costly immediate care centers along with ERs for cases that are no life threatening.  Last December 15 was the date where some of the states have declared their last days of coverage, so come January 1 of 2016, but you can still enroll for 2016 until the end of January. There are 2 new health insurers namely, Harken Health, which operates independently, is an affiliate of the United Healthcare. Another is Zoom+ which offers limitless primary care visits to their clinics for free. It is operating in Atlanta and in Chicago; however, it is based in Portland.

Insurers offering benefits

Down at the south Florida Blue is the biggest insurer in the state and it has numbers of health plans in Miami and in more than 9 nations where those who are earning low can also acquire 2 free primary care visits yearly.  The California based Molina Healthcare is giving away a primary care visit for free with some of the plans they have, however, they also have free visits to specialists in some states like Florida and Texas.  They have the no free visits that are more than the preventive services, like the immunizations as well as tests that all of the insurers should give under the Obamacare without even asking for copay, this is regardless if the deductible has been met. The experts tacking about health policies say that the new method made the insurers apart amidst the insurance market crowd and that might be attractive to young and to healthy people who do not have anything to do with the doctors