It is essential to dedicate resources in the control and prevention of pneumonia. Development of an app for diagnosis is a step to the right direction.

Development of a new app for detecting pneumonia

Pneumonia is a serious issue that greatly affects children, especially under five years. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can cause mild and severe illness to people of all ages. However, the disease is mainly prevalent among children hence diagnosis can help in control through early treatment. There is need to control and prevent this situation. A team from Maker ere University in Uganda has made some development and innovative ideas by creation of an app that can help reduce the death toll from pneumonia, the app is able to detect pneumonia among patients by simply recording the chest and lung functioning of a patient. According to the team, the innovative ideas come from the advancement in technology. We should use the available gadgets to control and prevent the issues that a threat to humanity and thus save lives. They develop mobile applications that can be used to recording essential body functioning and help in treatment or prevention of the disease.

Efficiency of control of pneumonia

In addition, some diseases such as pneumonia are currently neglected due to high focus on highly prevalent disease such as AIDS, malaria, heart diseases among other. Therefore, development of strategies to curb other diseases shows that we ought to be committed and dedicated in controlling all diseases despite their prevalence. Pneumonia is also public health priority that needs much attention, thus the research is an achievement that can help live healthily, and thus save lives of children and adults in the end.

The app will help in creation of awareness across the globe for early intervention measures that can help reduce the death toll of pneumonia patients, especially because the diseases can be treated. Implementation of the app will act as a way for identification of effective interventions to deal with the effects and causes of the disease.

Strategy for management of pneumonia

There is insufficient information on the fight against pneumonia, thus development of the app and success implementation will result to better understanding of the conditions of pneumonia. This is a great deal of progress as medical practitioners will be able to develop different strategies for prevention of the disease. Development of the app is one of the ways that will result to effective management strategy of pneumonia, there is great need to control high prevalence of this situation because pneumonia can be prevented, treated and thus will greatly reduce death rates.

The team also intends to identify various features and elements favorable in the detection of an early prevalence of the diseases thus enable early prevention. Pneumonia poses a great danger to children and thus its control can help curb and reduce death rates that can be controlled in one way or the other. The app has not been successfully implemented, but effective execution will lead to unending benefits worldwide.