How Blood Pressure Is Lowered By Vitamin DA study that was done by John P. Forman, MD, MSc showed a fall in the level of systolic pressure by 1.4 mmHg. This was based on a thousand international units of cholecalciferol administered per day, against placebo that was administered over a period of three months. John is a researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Kidney Clinical Research institute, Boston. The group of researchers was quick to add that more research is required to ascertain the effects of vitamin D on the blood pressure of dark skinned people.

Positive Results Will Improve High Blood Pressure Treatment

When more and detailed researches are carried out and confirmed that vitamin D has a significant factor. It can help reduce blood pressure; it will be a huge achievement because blood pressure and hypertension will be dealt with in a simpler manner among the black race. Hypertension is rife among blacks where there is low circulation of vitamin D unlike in the case of the whites.

Many may wonder how vitamin D will be used to regulate blood pressure, but the answer is that it will be through the regulation of renin-angiotensin system. It is believed to stabilize blood pressure among dark skinned people. The previous tests that have been carried out on the ability of vitamin D to low blood pressure have had varying outcomes, but however the supplements trials cannot be wished away because few blacks have participated in the trials. For this reason Forman and his colleagues did their research randomly, but on all blacks that were taken from a cancer prevention program that is from a particular community, other places that the black came from are religious organizations and through the word of mouth as friends referred each other to the research center.

Participants are required to follow through the three months of treatment so that the placebo and cholecalciferol doses can be administered perfectly. This research was carried out through the winter season into the summer when the sun is available. This is to also check the impact of the vitamin D which comes from the sun. The level of vitamin D increased as expected due to the doses that the participant received and it later lowered after the treatment. The level was however left to rise above the baseline.

Results after the Treatment Program

The change in the blood pressure was checked after the study program and there was an increase of placebo by 1.7 mmHg, there was a decrease by 0.66 mmHg where 1,000 IU of cholecalciferol was administered per day, a decline by 3.4 mmHg where IU was given in a day and a decline of 4.0 mmHg where 4,000 of IU was administered in a day. At the end the researchers gave a caution that a duration of 3 months cannot be depended on to ascertain the effects of vitamin D on the blood pressure of black people, and hence the research needed more time and full withdrawal of antihypertensive medication that may have masked the effect of vitamin D on the participants.