Life Reinstating Technology Is a ReliefWe Can Live Again After Dying For Up To an Hour

Many a times is when cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been tried on patients who have been declared dead but the results are mostly in vain. With the aid of the new CPR technology that was tested in one of the hospitals in Australia, it was confirmed that a man can be made to breathe again after a 40 – 60 minute death. The machine was tested on a man who was declared clinically dead for 40 minutes was made to breathe again. Amazingly the man was later discharged and confirmed to be perfectly healthy without a speck of disability.

The diagnosis of Colin Fiedler, 39, clinical death is among the three known heart attack patients who have ever been raised from such a death that lasted for duration of forty to sixty minutes. This was done through the use of the new Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation machine at Alfred Hospital which is in Melbourne, Australia.

How the Machine Works

This machine called AutoPulse operates by performing nonstop chest compressions at the same time sending constant oxygen and blood to the brain of the patient, and other organs too. This is according to a report from Fox News.

After a cardiac arrest in June, Mr. Colin was admitted to Alfred Hospital and later was declared dead. He was late brought back to life a few minutes after his death, thanks to this new machine the Autopulse. After a medical checkup when he was brought back to life, he was declared free from any other physical or mental disorders that might be expected, for example brain damage or the degradation of vital internal organs. The report from Fox News said.


The Achievements of AutoPulse Machine

As of now, AutoPulse has been used on seven patients. Two of them and Mr. Colin Fiedler had the most successful results. This is because, in addition to them coming back to life, they were free from the ailments that are associated with a person who have deprived of oxygen for a lengthy duration of time. There was no report on Fox News concerning the condition of the other patients that were revived by this new technology.

The advent of technology will bring a lot of surprise into our lives and we are yet to see more. Governments the world over should emulate the efforts such as this one of developing a system that can bring clinically dead patients to life. Enough financing and the nurturing of the talents hidden in our people are the first steps towards realizing the potential that technology has. Now we have a machine that can restore life, a confirmation that we can achieve even more through embracing technology.