You never know when you or someone near you can land into an emergency. Having basic CPR and first aid knowledge can prove to be invaluable, not only for you but also for others around you. It enables you to help an injured person and keep them out of danger until emergency help arrives.

You don’t have to be a professional to save lives. In fact, some basic things can keep someone out of danger until experts arrive. These skills can be applied at home, workplace or any other location where someone needs help. Everyone must learn at least the basics of CPR and first aid so that they can be of help to someone in an emergency situation.

Here’s why everyone must learn these lifesaving skills.

1.      It Can Save Someone’s Life

The basic and the most important reason why everyone must learn the basics of CPR and first aid is that it can save someone’s life.

Do you know that as many as 400,000 people die each year because of sudden cardiac arrest?

If someone near them knows how to perform CPR, then their brain function can be preserved during this emergency situation. It keeps the blood flowing through their body and increases their chance of being alive. Performing CPR until help arrives can save their life.

2.      Enhanced Patient Comfort

Not all emergencies require hospitalization. However, having basic knowledge of first aid can help you increase patient comfort when they are in pain. For example, with first aid knowledge, one will know how to correctly wrap a bandage around a wound or bruise. These seemingly simple things can become difficult when one has to do these things themselves.

When one has knowledge about first aid, these things don’t seem too hard to do. It also enhances patient comfort when needed.

3.      Prevents Situations from Becoming Worse

There are many cases that can become worse if the patient is not given immediate first aid. For example, if someone is bleeding profusely, someone must help stop their bleeding until they can be taken to a hospital. Letting them bleed and waiting for emergency help to arrive will only worsen the situation as it will cause a lot of blood loss.

If someone knows the basics of first aid, worsening of medical emergencies can be prevented. The patient will be stable until emergency medical services arrive and take control of the situation.

4.      Prevent Brain Death

The most significant effect of a cardiac arrest is on the brain. If someone knows how to perform CPR, they can prevent brain death. Performing CPR is not difficult if you are properly trained. A simple thing can help save someone’s life. Therefore, you must learn at least the basics of CPR so that you can help someone in need. These were some of the reasons why everyone must learn the basics of CPR and first aid.