Legislators against Medicaid Are Enemies of LifePatients who depend on community health centers are at a great risk if the standoff of the legislators continues. Every United States citizen is entitled to better healthcare, and this can only be achieved if Medicaid bill is passed. Local clinics are always stretched in terms of service provision, and due to the scarcity of resources, they are never able to provide comprehensive treatment to the visiting patients. Poor services are experienced when the patients cannot get enough prescription, because the next patient requires a share of the limited resources. People are hence forced to dig deep into their pockets to purchase prescription from the pharmacy shops.

Comparison with Medicare

The only people who are on the safe side for now are people who can afford the private health insurance cover. When a people have Medicare, the worry of what the treatment will cost them is never on their minds and they can seek medication from the best service providers at any time. The treatment procedure will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the sickness is eliminated for good.

On the other hand, after introducing Medicaid, a number of hospitals are not satisfied that the payment will be made after the services are provided. Lack of payment by the government is one of the major concerns of the service providers. Until all the details are outlined well to ascertain the particular services that will be paid for, then the citizens will always have problems of accessing the health facilities for free. There are cases that are indicated as emergency and these are what service providers are supposed to invoice the government for.

Medicaid for the Helpless

Many citizens from the different states that have welcomed the Medicaid program will benefit and get quality health care where drugs and expensive procedures will not be denied to them. Medicare is expensive for those citizens who cannot pay the health cover on their own. However, other states are completely against the implementation of Medicaid. Florida, Texas and Virginia will not let the bill pass. Residents in these states will have no choice but to keep on relying on primary health care from free clinics. Implementation of Medicaid will not only improve the lives of the citizens but will also save the charity clinics a lot of money. This will give them a chance to improve the facilities in the institutions making it possible for them to offer most of the required health services instead of referring patients to hospitals that have the needed equipments.

If only the legislators who are against Medicaid can walk around their states and visit the underequipped and understaffed clinics, then they can understand why Medicaid is so important to the common person who cannot pay for the Medicare program.