The dramatic rise of morning-after pill has been observed over the last decade and is expected to continue if these women don’t get more responsible.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention carried out a research to determine the allegations on the rising cases of contraceptive (morning pill) overuse among young women in the US. Back in 2002, about 4.2 percent of women had reported of having used the morning pill to ward off unwanted pregnancies. The alarming rates that provoked CDC to carry out the research programs determined that the mentioned percentage had almost tripled making it 11 percent from 2006-2010 respectively. Eleven percent easily translates to a simple figure of 5.8 million women who were said to range between the ages of 15-44 respectively.

The morning-after pill, also known as an emergency contraception pill that easily prevents unwanted pregnancies has been popular since it was introduced as a family planning measure years ago.  Currently it has crossed its normal genre of family planning to a kind of misuse where women aged  20-14 taking up 23 percent in the user list have become connected to the pill. The data used was from 2006-2010 and the final material was published by CDC on health statistics.

About the research study and the results

From the study, Hispanic whites and Hispanic women were said to be more likely to have used emergency contraceptives while 16 percent alleged users were aged between 25-29 years. Teens from 15-19 also carried a bigger percentage, with older women between 30 years or more only carrying 5%. While most of the women that were involved in the research study may have taken the pill once, larger percentage showed that at least there were those that used it twice and others that used it more than three times.

The emergency contraception as we have already noted is not very new to us, it is known due to its make up ingredients of progestin, whose primary purpose is to prevent occurrence of unwanted pregnancy by delaying ovulation indefinitely. Although there isn’t overall confirmed research, there are publications that indicate long term effects on the continued use of the morning pill such as making the uterus in hospitable by the sperm in the near future.

When using make it timely

With regards to the written  guidelines that indicate the morning pill  after could also be taken even up to five days after  two people have had unprotected sex, it is regarded as less effective as time goes by. There have been disputes to settle what some conservatives allege to be issues related to fertilization of the egg and why the need to use it is primary especially if it does indeed prevent the course of unfertilized egg and challenge any outcomes such as unplanned babies. Emergency contraceptives prices vary between $10 all the way to $70 respectively.