Flu is a pandemic associated with common cold; it was declared national pandemic years ago and still continues to claim the lives of young children in the United States. CDC had narrowed down on the basis of prevention and their objectives to curb the condition once and for all. According to the following report, it is evident that they will not relent to fight conditions that cause deaths to US citizens.

  • Eleven states including NYC had experienced high activity. The eleven states were Vermont, Utah, Texas, New Jersey, Nevada, Missouri, Michigan, Kansas, Idaho, California and Alabama.
  • Virginia, South Dakota, Oregon, North Dakota, Minnesota, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado and Arizona were ten states that had experienced moderate activity.
  • There were also thirteen states including the District of Columbia that had experienced low activity. These were Wyoming, Washington Oklahoma, New York, New Mexico, Nebraska, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida and Arkansas respectively.
  • Among the remaining 16 states, the recorded experience was said to have been with minimal activity and these included Wisconsin, Tennessee, West Virginia, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Montana, Maryland, Maine, Kentucky, Delaware, Connecticut and Alaska.

Although the health sector in the US is fighting hard to bring those numbers down, the flu continued to hit older people and more than 50 percent of those hospitalized were those aged between the ages of 65 or more.

About flu this season in the US

Since the beginning of this season, it has been reported that 64 children have died from the rapid flu with five of those coming in last week according to CDC. Although CDC says that they are doing everything possible to ward-off the condition, there hasn’t been a system that could be used to declare deaths in adults although the agency reports that the numbers of deaths are still higher than those needed in order to have the outbreak declared as a national pandemic this season.

What strain claims lives this season?

Influenza (A H3N2), which has been linked to the predominant flu strain that seems to be resulting to the flu circulation, has been said to pose more problems to young children than seniors. This was confirmed by the CDC after their study to substantiate those who were at a greater risk from this kind of flu. The 153 deaths that were reported back in 2003-2004 have been compared to the current 64 deaths that have already taken place.

In the US, an estimated number of people die during every flu season outbreak. The last reported large estimate was at 36,000 people. CDC says that from 1976 all the way to 2006, the flu associated deaths have been ranged at 3,000 to 49,000 respectively.