A Lot More Requires To Be Done ThoughMixed Results about Cancer Prevention

The results that were released recently by the American Cancer Society brings news that are music to the ears but still there is more to be done about the menace. It has shown that the rate of cigarette smoking is diminishing, and one of the areas where the impressive results that have been achieved can be seen is the huge drop in the smoking of the high school students. This obviously is a hit to the cigarette manufacturing companies who have in response to the fight upped their game by being aggressive in their advertisements. The report indicates that the companies have introduced smokeless products ranging up to 120% in advertisements.

The strategic Director of Risk Factors and Screening for The American Cancer Society said that they are making impressive progress but keenness is needed to ensure that all the risk factors are checked and new and better ways derived to deal with those factors hence eliminating the risk factors to achieve a healthy cancer free life. The main focus was on the major factors that are ultraviolet radiation, obesity, physical inactivity, tobacco use and poor nutrition.

Reduction of the use of tobacco had the highest and impressive results, with a 2% reduction that is from 21% down to 19%. The research was carried out between the year 2005 and 2011. The drop in smoking in men was slightly higher than in women with a percentage difference of 0.9%. the percentage decrease in the smoking by high school students was the most impressive because in 1997 it was at a high of 36% and by the end of this research in 2011, their rate of smoking was cut by half down to 18%. Many students used to smoke cigars while others used smokeless products.

The Cost played a major Role

The effect of high prices on cigarettes played a major role in discouraging young people to smoke. They couldn’t keep up with the rising costs of cigarettes and hence had no option but to give it up. The trick was to increase the taxes on cigarettes which in turn made the manufactures to increase their prices to cover the taxation

Tanning is another industry that is luring young people into the unhealthy way of practicing the act, where indoor tanning is being encouraged more than the natural tanning. The imaging is stronger hence affecting the body, and the problem is being catered for through policies of access restriction and other laws that will end this practice.

Other factors like, the HPV vaccination for prevention of cervical cancer and screening for breast cancers brought about the need for affordable health care. This will be taken care of by the introduction of Affordable Care Act which will improve access to health facilities. This is mostly beneficial for people without insurance covers.

The report shows that the war against cancer can be easily won; if at all the things that can be done to reduce the risks are done without relenting.