A lot of people with stable heart condition may go through a very costly artery opening process if medicine will not work well for them; this is according to the newest study conducted recently. This process involves putting a little mesh stent, tube inside a clogged artery. Do you know that 75 percent of the said operations are not needed anymore according to a researcher who also happened to be a professor at the Stony Brook University Medical Center situated in New York?

Is it about money?

Money is just the one moving the force according to Brown. Everyone pays for stents, the hospital gets paid for it, the doctor and the stenting company too receives payment, he added. It is how the free for service environment has taken charge over the decision in making this branch of cardiology. Stenting will cost you around 9,000usd compared with a lifetime medication according to Brown. Even if this procedure is known as percutaneous coronary intervention, it lessens the cases of death & probable cases of heart attacks for someone who has had a heart attack. It’s affectivity in patients with stable heart disease hasn’t been determined.

According to stenting study conducted

There was a study published in February 27, there were 8 trials conducted involving around 7,000 patients. They were designated to a medical therapy or stenting plus medication. The trials started out in between year 1997 and 2005.   This kind of study is known as meta-analysis. The researchers look for patterns that might not have been the prime intent of the trials. At the follow up conducted for 4 years, there is no important alteration seen in the quality of life of the patients involved in the study.

More so, 649 patients died, while 322 got stents & 327 were given medicine alone, this is the data that the study discovered. Nonfatal heart attacks were experienced by 323 people with stents and 291 took medicines only. Those with stents, 774 new processes to open clogged heart arteries were discovered, while those under a medical therapy, 1049 of them also needed to go through the procedure for open blocked arteries. With the 4,000 people with chest pain or better known as angina was discovered, 29 % of those with stents had recurrent chest pain vs. the 33% of the people on medical therapy alone according to Brown.

Analysis on stents vs. medication

There is no definite data recorded yet that stenting the patient will be able to provide him/her with a stable heart disease, thus lessens the risk of having a heart attack and fatality later on in life. This is not to let people refuse the need to go through stenting, but only around 1/3 of the patients treated with medication will consider stenting over medication. People must not be blinded to agree in going through the process unless told by the doctor that they can reap benefits from it or it can boost their life quality.