Does a CPR App Capable of Saving the Lives of the People?Just in May of this year, Drew Basse had a cardiac arrest; this is a 57 year old driver who never had the chance to call 911 for help, because the incident is too soon. As he recalls the last incident before he passed out is that he is sitting in the car with lights on and then he suddenly felt like he was knocked out for no reason. He didn’t even have the chance to call 911 to ask for help. Good thing there is a security guard who passed by and then this guard used a lifesaving app using his smartphone, which is the PulsePoint. What happened is that the call for help by the guard to 911 has triggered the message to send to PulsePoint and then there is a text message alert that came out from the app stating that there is someone in need of CPR.

And so when Scott Brawner, a firefighter, who happened to be off duty is at the treadmill of a fitness center when he got the app alert in his IPhone saying that someone is in need of CPR. He was so surprised that the app just alerted him and then there is a map where the location is and the AED location as well. He had never been in that place in the past, but he went there just by using his IPhone as a guide. He saw Basse in his car unconscious, while the guard is shaking him, unluckily, the guard didn’t know how to do CPR.

Wasted chances to save lives

The launch of the CPR alert app on mobile phones just came into a very amusing value, there was someone who had the same incident in the past, but he is not familiar with the app that he can use during those times. There was a firefighter who had encountered an incident wherein someone had a cardiac arrest just next door when he was on duty and he had AED inside his car then. But he is not aware that there is someone in need of his help and that person is having a cardiac arrest during those times. However, if it was a fire, then he would have been alerted by his team, but since this was a medical emergency, they didn’t. If there was only an app during those times, they would have responded right away.


The survival for people who had cardiac arrest is very stimulating, simply because of the short span of time that you have to act. Every minute counts for the person to be able to survive and recover. CPR is only given, while AEDs usually never get to the patient on time.

An app to get help quicker than 911

Any person trained to do CPR with PulsePoint app can help anyone during emergencies. To do this, you need to know about the emergency calls 911. The dispatchers will then alert the first to respond, but this software will also alert and dispatch citizens who are CPR capable even those who are off duty. In an average basis, 3 persons for every event will be alerted, but 8 out of 10 will also get the notice.