Professionals to answer common questions from the kids

There is one community school that persuades professionals every Friday to talk about their jobs and answer some queries from kids. Even if this program is meant to familiarize the kids to different professions, it also helps by introducing the professionals and the probable mentors. The attendance of the kids is not compulsory, so those who wish to join and is interested may join, but they do not need to ask questions if they do not want to.  The school currently invited a professional to talk about his profession as a doctor to a group of students who belong to the 4th and 5th grade.  The questions are just common like the wage, the education to name some. Some also asked about some specializations and similar health professions like nursing and occupational therapy.

However, most of the queries focused on various ailments. Most of the kids asked about issues linked to their peers and families. They also asked about infectious diseases and pneumonia. Some even asked about anomalies in medicine that they have faced. Even if the health professionals are very much anxious about the Health Insurance Portability as well as the Accountability Act along with the rights to privacy. The kids were not anxious about who are familiar with the issues. They just want to find out about the dares they face.  The doctor went on in discussing some of the health related problems like broken limbs, abscessed and others, he knew that the kids have quite few education and they knew little to none about the body functions. Even they seem to embrace the answers given by the doctor it still led to more questions, but the answers must only be limited, since there is so little time to answer all of the queries.

So many things to do, yet there is so little time

And it suddenly bounced back to the doctor. Just as their parents, they are all victims of the same time limits placed on the principal care of the doctors. Most likely, the kids never had enough time to ask all of the questions they have in mind, close to an office visit with the doctor, they only have more than 5 minutes to ask everything that has been so typical, and there was no enough time for these kids to get the answers to their curiosity. The doctors are not just in the community to serve and give treatment, but they are also here to educate the people. The information that must be shared to the people must not be restricted and limited. It must be shared; essential in their job description is building up the patients with the right amount of information for them to be prepared.  More often than not, the path chosen is he easy one and there are lots of reasons behind it, one of which is lack of time.