Sharp Minds Are As A Result Of Activities That Keep Them FitKeep Your Mind Sharp, Free of Charge

You do not have to spend a penny to ensure that your mind remains sharp and focus even in your old age. This is because a study has shown that our brains can remain sharp and fit for long if we engage them in exercises regularly. This solves the problem where people always seek for ways to keep their minds up and focused as they age. This is the best, healthy and natural way to prevent our mental abilities from declining.

Different Attempts to Improve the Functioning of the Mind

There was a review that was conducted recently to see if therapeutic remedies can be depended on to slow the decline of the brain. Thirty two trials were done using this method. The results were that estrogen therapy in particular worsened the functioning of the mind. The rest of the specimens that were hormone, supplement and pharmaceutical therapies did not generate any balanced or tangible results. However, it was surprising to realize that the functioning of the brain made a significant improvement after trials were done using exercises that were mentally challenging.

Practice Regular Mental Exercises

An investigation that was led by Ravi Naqvi, MD at the University of Toronto Canada was aimed at keeping the brains of aging people healthy. He observed that because there is an increase in the number of aging people, the prevention of memory decline in healthy but aging people is of utmost importance. Mild memory loss can be noted in up to 25% of people who are more than 70 years old. This mental decline was not based on any mental illness but basically on the way healthy people age, and what can be done to maintain the sharpness of their brains

Sources of the Study

The author went deep into the databases of medical study and found the 32 known and recorded trials to block the brain degradation in old people who are above the age of 65 years. The review indicated that there was no remedy in terms of medicine that could be used to help the mind from declining. What they found is the opposite where the use of some medications like anti-inflammatory and hormonal therapy did more harm than good to the brains of the aged people.
Most of the medications that were used on those 32 trials did not show any positive effect on the participants. Some of the medications that were on trial were testosterone therapy, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), herbal supplements like ginkgo and vitamins B6 and E.
There after various tests of physical exercises were conducted in three trials. They included balance and resistance exercises where patients were guided on practicing flexibility and relaxation. The major improvement was noted when aerobics were introduced where the brains recorded high level of functionality.