The babies can also start learning the languages regardless of the set differences in grammar rules thus understanding both languages from both parents as they grow up.

According to what the authors were able to find, it was revealed that babies used pitch and that the duration of the spoken words increased at time went by. On the same account, they were also able to realize that the babies would not take the same time to figure out either of the languages due to the custom pitch and other variants.

About the research study and its results

According to the co-author of the study, Janet Werker, if you speak in two languages in your home, you should not fear that you would be confusing the baby because with time, they will be able to tell out between the two languages and in return learn them both. With time, the baby will be able to figure out that the languages are different and hence learn them in return. Werker is not only the study co-author of this exciting revelation, but she is also a psychologist at the University of Columbia and hence in the news release, she was quoted as confirming that it is a phenomenal experience that bilingual parents should try out and offer their children the gift of the extra languages if any.]

About bilingual babies and their gifts

A baby who is growing up in a bilingual family already develops a new strategy to approach things. There are new things we learn everyday about our families and children, but since we are not in a position to ascertain those results, we find that we battle with life even when the challenges are close to finish. The point is that a single family can have so much to offer to each member and a young baby who is lucky to have been born in such a family should feel connected not only to the language that the mother speaks but also to the language that the father speaks and mores so, any other language spoken around the family. You will be surprised as to how the baby grasps that information and transforms it into dialogue that he or she can listen to.

In the long run, bilingual families and bilingual babies are not few, in fact, for those that may have no idea on this term, a bilingual child is simply a baby born in the family where both parents come from different backgrounds. An African American that still speaks his native language and having been married to an American woman can share the same language to the infant baby freely allowing the baby to speak and understand more than one language, which is in fact a beautiful thing that almost every parent would want.