Taking CPR classes is a very ideal way to get prepared in case you are faced with a situation where the child is choking.

You do need to learn other tips that will help complement your skills and place in you in a better place to save lives.

How does choking start?

Choking creates a very scary scenario that is very unpleasant. It occurs when a young child tries to force an object (food, plastic) down their small throat which can’t accommodate is size. The object then gets stuck in the wind pipe and obstructs air from going out and in the lungs.

The desire of children below four years of age puts them at high risk of choking. That’s why all objects that can fit inside their mouth but not throat should be kept away. They should also be monitored will eating food. Their food should be porous like since they haven’t learnt the art of chewing their food well.

Normal signs of choking include a panicked look, gasping for air, wheezing, and incapability to cry, talk or make noise, throat grabbing, popped eyes and changing of skin color to red in light people.

It’s always a good sign when a child can still cry despite appearing choked. This indicated that the entrance to the windpipe if partially blocked so you should act fast.  Try making them cough. On the other hand, it’s not a very good sign when they are unable to talk. The first thing you should do is perform the Heimlich and request someone to call 911. You can open their mouth to see if there is something lodged inside. Carefully remove it if it’s there or and perform chest compressions. You should call for help immediately you notice that our child is choking irrespective of your level of experience in handling these situations.

The best way to reduce choking incidents

You are required to take a first aid course. This is important because it will help catch the symptoms at their early stages and respond as required. You will be taught things such as Heimlich maneuver, which can come in handy during such situations. Make sure that your home is safe by babyproofing it. This means ensuring that everything that can cause harm to the child is kept away including objects that can chock them.

Your child should take their meals while seated on the table. It’s imperative that you be present to supervise them while they eat. The food should be soft or porous so that it’s easy for the child to swallow it without any difficulty. Make a list of all hospitals nearby to make sure that you know where to rush to in case of a choking incident. Avoid buying the child toys that can be dismantled into small parts. The best toys are the bid ones that can’t even fit into an adult’s mouth.