In the future bariatric surgery may be used as a method of controlling the diabetes in people who have type II diabetes. All diabetics are told to maintain a close to average body weight in order to lower their daily glucose levels, but some people have an extremely hard time losing the weight they need to lose. Bariatric surgery may be prescribed by more doctors for the diabetic patients as treatment alternatives.

The study on bariatric surgery effects on diabetes

A group of patients with type II diabetes were studied for a period of thirty six months. The group was divided into two sections. One section received counseling on lifestyle changes, such as dietary guidelines, exercise, and increased activity.
The other group of patients underwent bariatric surgery and were given the same lifestyle changing counsel.

The results

After three years the patients who had the bariatric surgery, and followed the lifestyle changes recommended to them had greater success in handling their diabetes. One third of the people who had the surgery had their diabetic symptoms go into remission. Remission is said to occur when the patient no longer shows any symptoms of diabetes, or when they lose one or more of their diabetic symptoms.
None of the people who followed the lifestyle changes without the bariatric surgery saw their diabetes go into remission.

Suggested treatment according to the study published in the JAMA Surgery journal

One doctor wrote that in his opinion, all people who had a body mass index higher than thirty should undergo bariatric surgery so that their diabetes could be prevented or cured.

Possible bias in the study

The study was funded by the national Institute of Health in conjunction with Magee Women’s Hospital. The possible bias is assumed because many of the authors that are quoted in the written research paper have financial ties to either companies that produce medical devices, or to companies that promote weight loss options.

What this means for the medical professionals

People in the health care service industry who are treating over weight patients with diabetes may want to discuss the positive benefits that bariatric surgery might give them.
The study does not mean that every person with type II diabetes should have bariatric surgery. It suggests that bariatric surgery could be highly beneficial to people who are diabetic, and obese.
The surgery will not be a definite cure for diabetes. Not all people who have the surgery will automatically see their diabetes symptoms go into remission. But the people who have the bariatric surgery will have a much higher chance of having their symptoms of diabetes abate, or enter a remission state.
The doctors and health care providers have to stress that following a healthy diet, and exercise program along with the surgery is mandatory for the patient to see the benefits of possible diabetic remission. Once a person is in remission they must continue to follow proper diet and nutrition guidelines.