Asthma and allergies in America: What are they?A new study has come to reveal that many American adults that have got asthma have also got allergy.

Research statistics and review

Top researchers in the medical field evaluated data on about 2,600 citizens. The data was obtained from a reputable organization in the United States that conducts surveys on health and nutrition. It came to be found that 75% of asthmatic grownups between 20 to 40 years and 65% of asthmatic grownups with over 55 years do have at least an allergy of some sort. These findings were from a popular health journal in the United States.

Dr. Paula B pointed out that allergy specialists have always known that allergies were prevalent among children that had asthma at a rate as high as 70% on average. More over she said that, it was earlier on thought that allergies were uncommon with adults suffering from asthma. She later went on to say that it is a good thing that these recent studies have shown that asthmatic grown ups are equally prone to allergies. This is because from that light, better diagnosis as well as treatment of asthmatic citizens that are allergic will be possible.

Asthma is much more prevalent in young children, but also does affect 3% to 7% of grown ups who are 60 years old and above. However, this figure could actually turn out to be much higher than this due to the fact that it is mostly under diagnosed in  aging grown ups.

About 26 million United States citizens have been found to have asthma. The worrying thing for the government and the medical practitioners alike is that the number keeps on increasing with every passing year. This is according to the USA institution of Asthma, allergies as well as immunology. Well over 50 million United States citizens have been found to be allergic and just like is the case with citizens who are asthmatic, the number keeps on increasing.

It is important to note that asthma as well as allergies can strike some one at any stage in life and American citizens should not at all take the diseases lightly. This is according to Dr. Richard W. He said that people who exhibit asthmatic or allergy symptoms should see a physician with immediate effect. This is because ignorance of such symptoms will see the patient deteriorating in health with each passing day without their knowledge.

The effect of asthma

Asthma disease affects the lungs. If poorly managed it can be fatal and there are many American citizens who have lost their lives owing to asthma. Early diagnosis is key and frequent visits to a physician should be made should one discover that they are suffering from asthma. Statistics show that in the year 2009 alone, there were over 3,000 deaths caused by asthma. About 60 percent of the dead were females and the rest were males. This echoes the sentiments of Dr. Richard W regarding the seriousness with which asthma and its associated allergies should be taken with.  Whoever ignores asthma does it at own peril.