What the researchers have discovered?

There is a reason behind everything. It was said that being sedentary is bad for one’s health. This may boost the hardening of the arteries with will calcify the deposits. There was a research conducted to middle aged people and the researchers have discovered that every hour of sedentary time was associated with 12% higher risks of having a calcium buildup in the coronary arteries of a person. This is linked to the early sign of coronary heart disease. This is by far the primary study conducted to be of help in teasing out the methods wherein the sedentary time is linked to heart disease risk, thus by checking the early marker of atherosclerosis in the heart arteries, according to a study conducted at a university in Texas.

The researchers have discovered that the data contains more than two thousand participants in a heart study conducted in Dallas who had measured the physical activity of a person based on tracking devices and those who had coronary artery calcium scans too. As a whole, the volunteers nearly spent more than an hour and eleven hours the most daily just doing nothing. They have spent none to two hundred minutes daily just doing nothing or slight physical activities only.  Their activities do not normally last for an hour. Around ¼ of the people in the tests had some detectable coronary artery calcium.

Why sedentary life will bring you problems

Some of those who joined the test were mostly enjoying a sedentary lifestyle and they are quire older. Most of them have diabetes; some have hypertension, while some also have a high BMI. They were also more likely to have coronary calcium buildup, the group studying the reports once said in a journal of the Cardiologists. Computing the age and some other factors are all linked to additional hours of sedentary time. It is also linked with the highest odds of having coronary artery calcium. The time spent in exercising was not tied to the like hood of coronary calcium, but a week of physical activity might not be a representation of a lifetime habit of exercising.

It cannot prove that having a sedentary life will also bring you coronary artery calcium later on in life. These are just the 2 essential factors that were linked and pointed out by the authors.  There are some activities that people can do like exercising in the gym, walking during breaks, breaking from a sedentary behavior can also help. That means that getting out of the desk to move around even for 15 minutes can help. Some studies say that they will still be able to go through the primary length of breaks from a sedentary time to improve the health of the people.