The importance of having insurance in the US

As the 3rd and final enrollment season opens for the health insurance provided by the Affordable Care Act or ACA comes close on Sunday. This is according to a poll that says there are still a lot of uninsured Americans, who are not paying close attention to the deadline. The poll was related to the Kaiser Family Foundation and it was revealed last Thursday. They have found out that the primary of the uninsured say that they do not know when the deadline is this year. Actually, no one knew that the fine for not being able to hold a health insurance this year has reached around $695/ head or 2.5% of the whole household income, whichever is higher.

The administrator assigned to the Centers for Medicare as well as Medicaid Services said that the personnel had discovered that a multi-year effort will be needed to reach out to those who do not have a health insurance. This is precisely what they have foreseen all through the years and that may mean there will be an essential challenge that they must dealt with. While the media briefing is ongoing last Thursday, the CMS officials said that the federal marketplace, was more than 50% and that fourteen states were seeing at least a 20% increase in the enrollment when a comparison is made to the same week about a year back. They have highlighted that the deadline for getting the coverage will not be extended at all.

What the Obama Government says about it

The CMS numbers that were released on Wednesday has just showed that over 11M people have enrolled nationwide or they had their coverage auto renewed.  During last Saturday, there are more than 8.9M consumers who have chosen a plan in more than thirty eight states that use the There are another 2.7M consumers who had signed up in the state marketplaces in December 26th.  The Obama government outreached all of its efforts to focus on the 10M people who are not yet insured and who are qualified for the health care law.

Pres. Obama and the health and human services secretary has been providing interviews to the media in the metro with high percentages of uninsured people and that includes those who live in Philadelphia, Denver, California, Richmond, Milwaukee to name some. The enrollment to the insurance program will always mean flowing in terms of the lives in such a way that the people will no longer need to pre-qualify for the coverage on law insurance exchanges that are meant for those who cannot afford to pay for a health benefit from the employer, so being able to reach the deadline is truly important for the government