Researchers have ascertained that indeed, in the very near future, an MRI scan may be all a patient would need to go through to establish whether they would be likely to suffer Alzheimer’s disease in the future. This could be the best thing to come out of the medical world in 2012. The studies showed clearly that degeneration on the frontal lobe could be detected early enough and therefore, preventive measure taken to prevent the condition from escalation. At last, it could be goodbye to those needles in the spine for tests.

What good will come from the MRI scan for Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

One thing that should be said here is that there will be faster diagnosis and on the same note, faster prognosis for dementia. This means that faster treatment would lead to possible reversal of the condition. Most of the conditions that people develop occur just because they are left far too long to proliferate, and therefore, they get out of control. The good news is that for dementia and Alzheimer’s, all this could now be a thing of the past.

MRI scans are safer, and they are very accurate. With the advancement that the world has made in the field of medical technology, diagnostic technology has been the topmost achievement.  In fact, is it so safe such that it is also used on children? It is fast, and it will show much clearer details as compared to the normal x ray. For Alzheimer’s, this could as well be one of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine. If the degeneration in the frontal lobal matter is detected early enough, good treatment can be offered. This will save money too.

How sure is the study?

Who can say for sure? However, the consensus is that since it is well known that the brain shrinks when Alzheimer’s occurs, the shrinkage can be seen on an MRI scan and that is what makes the researchers so sure that have hit a big solution. This will now make it possible for consistent brain changes studies to tell whether there is any indication that Alzheimer’s could be on the way. Of course, this brain MRI scans will mostly be carried out on people who have a history of Alzheimer’s in their lineage.

With more than 5 million people affected every year in the US alone, could we be on our way to reduce this number? It certainly seems so now. Of course, need we say that what can be visualized would be easier to handle? The MRI scan will make the Alzheimer’s attack visible as soon as possible and therefore, due care can be administered at the right time.

Since the studies into the visualization of the Alzheimer’s, it has now been more than three years gone. Much advancement has been made and today, MRI scan has saved many victims in hospitals. Soon Alzheimer’s would be tightly clinched, once and for all.