Most people having bone cancer might consider having plastic or reconstructive surgery after treatment. This helps in repairing the damage resulting from the cancerous tumor being removed from the cartilage, bone, surrounding soft tissues and ligaments. The process of removing the cancer can result in the patient being scarred and disfigured and plastic or reconstructive surgery could be necessary to repair the damage.

Reconstructive surgery after bone cancer treatment

Reconstructive surgery is one of the most crucial parts when it comes to bone cancer treatment. If the cancerous bone has been removed, the limbs might no longer work properly. Doctors use certain techniques that aim at helping the patients maintain the use of their legs and arms after the bone has been surgically removed and they include the likes of:

  • Bone grafts: a small piece of bone will be transplanted for repairing the area where the tumor has been removed. Another person can donate the bone or could be got from another part of the patient’s body. Some of the bones removed when cancer surgery was done could be re-implanted but this must be treated first with radiation therapy.
  • Rotationsplasty: if the leg requires amputation at mid- thigh, the lower foot and leg may at times be rotated and attached to the high. Your ankle joint will now be your new knee joint. Inserting Endoprostheses help ensure that the new leg is as long as your other one.
  • Endoprostheses: These are artificial materials that are inserted in the body for filling the surgically removed bone. Joints removed because of cancer can also be replaced with artificial joints. Later adjustment of these prosthetics may be required when planed in growing children.

Plastic surgery after bone cancer treatment

The surgeon may remove cartilage in your nose, face or ear to eradicate bone cancer in such areas. The patient’s appearance can be improved through certain treatments such as:

  • Rhinoplasty: this is nose surgery that involves the cartilage being restructured and reshaped to improve function and appearance.
  • Otoplasty: This is surgery whereby ear cartilage is reshaped.
  • Facial reconstruction: facial bones and skin damaged are reconstructed to repair them after bone cancer surgery.

Scars on the skin can also be repaired especially on the legs and arms.

Dealing with hair loss

Chemo can also be used for shrinking the cancer tumors before a surgical operation is undertaken. Use of chemo drugs usually result in the hair follicles being damaged and the hair tends to fall out. Loss of hair usually starts two weeks after the treatment starts and increases steadily within the first few months. You can deal with hair loss through:

  • Buying a wig just before the hair loss in order to pick the most appropriate match.
  • Buying an adjustable wig
  • Wearing a scarf or a turban