Are you familiar with the AED Certification?

The AED stands for the automated external defibrillator. Defibrillation or the shock using an automated external defibrillator or the AED Certification is the only efficient therapy for the sudden cardiac arrest.  Given the chance that you are amidst a medical industry and not in the medical field, this might be totally immaterial. On the other hand, more attention is now being given to the AEDs and their capacity to save lives in case of a cardiac arrest every day. The truth is that for every minute that passes without the CPR and the defibrillation, there is a possibility that a person can survive from an unexpected cardiac arrest, and thus it makes the cases of fatality in cardiac arrest lesser by around 10%.

Though, you might not get it, you have a higher risk of dealing with cardiac arrest than most other businesses. Regardless of how automated you get, you must admit the fact that a lot of shops are hot especially in summer time and there is the truth still remains that the work done in a solid surface shop is quite demanding. Given that a lot of people working in various shops are quite decent, no one is still saved from a possible cardiac arrest. This is the truth of life and it is just so obvious that for the past years, there are lots of articles on record about students and athletes who suffered from a cardiac arrest because of their tiring activities under the heat of the sun. The last person that you would expect to have a cardiac arrest is a teen; however, the fact that they are now becoming a victim just shows that nobody is exempted.

The facts about AED Certification

You must be prepared for a cardiac arrest emergency.  The American Heart Association says that being prepared for a cardiac arrest emergency is just the right thing to do in case of the SCA. When you can for emergency medical services right away, you must be given an immediate response like a CPR to keep you alive if you are the one suffering. With an AED Certification on hand, you can help save lives. SCA or sudden cardiac arrest is a kind of medical condition where the heart just stops beating since the heart may beat in a different manner or it may beat in a slow manner. Sudden death may happen right away; this may occur in a span of 4-6 minutes after the signs show off. Even if it is deadly, cardiac arrest is revocable if a suitable treatment is given right away. Defibrillation is one of the most efficient ways to treat cardiac arrest victims. There must be an application of electric shock to the heart of the victim; this will help in restoring the normal beat of the heart.