If all the goals for the cardiovascular are met there would be longer life and less death caused by heart diseases. There is no doubt that enhanced cardiovascular health is going to enhance the lifespan of many Americans. American Heart Association has put a lot of work into this. The elderly people are at the highest risk of getting a cardiac condition more than the younger people. However, everyone needs to know that they are at risk so they can take the right preventive measures.

What was the study all about

Dr. Bamba Gaye said that the benefit of a perfect cardiovascular health in decreasing death rate was related to the observation in the younger population. He says that there is still a chance to control the risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Gaye and team examined whether hitting some cardiovascular target would affect the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

The seven targets include: keep you BMI within the appropriate, do not smoke and if you already do, please stop it, have at least one hour 15 minutes of exercise each week, follow a healthy diet, avoid hypertension without medication, maintain the correct cholesterol naturally and maintain blood sugar naturally.

Researchers reported that among the more than seven thousand participants, only one individual met all seven goals. Only five percent participant met at least five goals.

The team made follow-ups on their sample to look into their health; 50% was tracked for more than ten years. The more goals one met, the lesser risk one was faced with. The risk of death fell by 10% for each goal and so did the risk of cardiovascular heart disease and stroke dropped by 22% for each goal.

Gaye said that they used risk factors in the ideal goal to get a graded benefit on the outcome. He goes on to say that it would be a more wise approach to have the older people pick one risk factor to work on at a time.

Start improving your health right now

Gaye concludes by saying it is never too late to improve your own health in your old age. Elderly people can still enjoy good health in their old age. They would be no need to hire help with requirements like ‘can handle CPR.’

Dr. Karen P. Alexander, Duke University, said that to age successfully is to have less time in illness.

She goes on to say that the appropriate life modification can benefit you no matter what age you are. She then concludes by advising the senior to just focus on a process to get them to achieve the goals.

Dr. Dana E. King, West Virginia University, also emphasize that elderly people can still turn it around by having healthy diets, getting active and quit smoking.

Thankfully, all the things that are emphasized in this study are just the usual things that any physician would recommend for a healthy lifestyle, or even things that your mom used to warn you about. In that case, you will find it easy to do them. You will have an easy time adjusting.