The success of ACO

A lot of ACOs are still using the paper charts. Through the years, they have withstood the challenges linked with the health information technology association, the selection of drugs, patient management and the improvement in care results in accordance with the new study from the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute. The truth is that less than 1/3 of the ACO givers use a particular electronic health record system, whereas, 59% are using the multiple systems thus finding it hard to do a streamline and integration accordingly. Accordingly, the PBMI have discovered that 23% of the ACOs are still using the paper charts.

The PBMI conducted a survey and the result is that 101 ACO givers who covered more than 30M patients, particularly to understand the present practices in pharmacy management with the use of the pharmacists, the level of care management along with the clinical integration, goals in the future and patient engagement as well.  The study have discovered that most of the ACOs use some tools to sustain their practices by around 90% to use the quality reporting tools along with 60% use of the point of care decision tools.  But only 34% of those who were able to respond said that the tools are truly easy and simple to use. The ACOs shoed a crucial along with growing part of the solution to aid in the improvement value, care and quality in terms of the healthcare as well as pharmacy as an essential role in terms of reaching their goals.

Management population is essential

Nearly all of the ACOs, 93% of which were said to manage the population health and that is truly essential, while a greater part of 98% said that their primary goal is to boost the population health in the next 3-5 years. The role of the pharmacists will be at the center. Moreover, around 6-% of those who were able to respond said that the use of biologics along with specialty products and they expect the genome analysis to boost in the next 3-5 years.

However, the health IT uses among the ACOs must increase for the said goals to become probable according to a report. Moreover, the role of the pharmacists is to be more precise to sustain the management goals and to also improve the devotion, lessen the inadequate use and the proper selection of drugs for improved clinical results. But, there is only 57% of the respondents to ACO have employed clinical pharmacists. More than ½ of those who have responded said that the ACOs can lessen the cost of the prescription drug therapy as well as another 69% said that ACOs can actually boost the quality of the prescription drug therapy