In a hospital in Kuwait, there is a pregnant 36 years old Filipina woman who was admitted in the hospital in her 9th month with an acute blood pressure condition. She suffered from a cardiac arrest and she was declared clinically dead too. The doctors rushed to her to give birth to her child thru a C section, but without anesthesia, since the woman was assumed dead during those times. She delivered a healthy baby boy at 6.9lbs. The doctors attempted to revive her and they were surprised when she started to breath once again.

Miracles really do happen

This case is considered as a miracle according to the manager of the hospital. After 3 days, this Filipina woman known remained unconscious at the hospital, but the doctors say that she is in a stable condition and they are very much hopeful that she will get back to her normal life again soon. According to the husband, when he visited his wife, tears just keep falling from her eyes. He feels that she could hear him; she can feel his presence and she was trying her best to communicate too.

How a man saves his wife

According to a truck driver who helped her, she was brought to the hospital due to blood and water discharges then. The friend knew that she is already in pain then and it was just time for her to give birth to their 2nd child. They were all very happy then, but the happiness was changed into something uncertain when they heart that she was vomiting blood and she was in deep danger and that only a miracle can save her life. The friend prayed hard enough for this woman to survive from the delivery and from her battle for life.

The man who helped Zuraida, the pregnant woman is Verdadero, her husband. He is a truck driver who is always away for days in Iraq and somewhere else. He feels that he is so luck to be in Kuwait then when his wife is ready to deliver their baby. He feels that he is just so fortunate to be with his wife when all of these things happened and he prayed hard that his wife will be alright and will soon be back into shape, so they can enjoy their new born baby.  While women are pregnant, they are recommended to do a follow up checkups all the time as mandated by the doctor. It is also important for them to watch their blood pressure as well, since preeclampsia happens when you least expect it during pregnancy.

There are lots of reasons why the blood pressure strikes and there is nothing to worry about it though if you are taken care of by your doctor. Worrying can add up to the elevated levels of blood pressure though. But having chronic high blood pressure while you are pregnant is something that must always be monitored and it should be treated to make sure that the mother and the baby are both healthy and safe.