Mom uses CPR to save one twin after giving birth A mother was able to save one of her twin who she had just given birth to on a desert road using CPR. Lynette Hales, the mother of the twins who comes from Utah was able to gather enough strength and courage to save the life of her child soon after delivering the babies.

How they all came to such a predicament

The Huffington posts states that Hales and her friends had agreed to go to a road trip to Nevada. They decide this since Hales was not going to be due to for another few months. Unfortunately something they hadn’t anticipated on happened and Hales went into labor while on they were on the road. It became clear that the babies couldn’t wait for the group to head over to hospital. They then pulled over the car and parked it at the side of the road waiting to receive the babies who had already started their own journey into the world.

Baby J.J who was born inside the car wasn’t responding and it became evident that he wasn’t breathing. Using the help of 911 who talked her through the process, Hales administered CPR to the baby while she waited for the paramedics to arrive.

The second twin, baby A.J came out screaming meaning that he was very healthy and not in any kind of danger. This was witnessed by an officer who had immediately rushed to the scene. The boys who were considered premature still had to be taken to the hospital after being checked by the paramedics who arrived later.

Interpreting a situation such as Hales

There is no doubt that most mothers would be scared stiff if they were placed in the same situation as Hales. The fact that she was able to gather enough strength and composure to give CPR to her child soon after giving birth shows that she is an extra ordinary women given how giving birth drains one’s strength.

The other thing was that she was very much still in active labor since the other child was yet to be born. The fact that she reacted very well to the situation is remarkable. Questions that might be lingering are whether her friends opted to help her out or did she refuse their help and opt to do it on her own. The only contribution that can be speculated is that the friends of Hales must have contributed by calling the paramedics.

She was also fully in control of the situation since she was able to carefully listen to the paramedic’s instructions and execute them to perfection. A lot of bystanders are often shocked to the extent that they can barely hear let alone follow the instructions of the paramedics who are offering CPR administering instructions. Her efforts are very admirable and a lot of bystanders should try as much to adopt some of her characteristics, whether they dealing with strangers or close family members.