Exactly what does testosterone therapy do to the body?Some researchers have in the recent past reported that the risk for stroke and heart attack can be increased due to testosterone therapy. However, researchers have undertaken another researcher, which involved over 25000 older men and seemed to suggest that such a link might not exist after all. The US National Institute for Health actually funded the study which helped a lot in easing some fears regarding testosterone therapy not only for the patients but also their families as well.

Does use of testosterone cause heart attack?

Jacques Baullargeon, the lead researcher said that they were motivated to undertake the investigation by the ever increasing concern about testosterone therapy both in U.S and also internationally. Most people have always been fearful of the likelihood of testosterone therapy increase the risk of men getting cardiovascular disease. For the past few years, there has been increasing concerned considering the results of clinical trails and also two observational studies. The researcher said that it is worthy noting that there exists a lot of evidence, which consistently shows that use of testosterone doesn’t increase the likelihood of one getting a heart attack.

As far as the background information that the researchers provided is concerned, there has been a significance growth of the testosterone market in recent years. In fact, about $1.6 billion is usually spent every year on buying these products and the main aim is usually to boost sex drive among men and for muscle toning with the ‘low T’. Investigations that aimed at checking how safe it is to use testosterone therapy had showed some rather conflicting results. The team of researchers said that there was no link between heart attack and use of testosterone contrally to what previous studies seemed to suggest.

Testosterone is not to blame for heart attacks

For instance, one study reviewed the medical records of about 56000 men in America who had used testosterone supplements. The findings published showed that there was no link between testosterone therapy and an increase in heart attack risk. The researchers, in fact, said that men who had a high risk of getting heart related problems and who had used testosterone actually showed a reduced risk of heart attack.

This analysis of the patients was done in a very rigorous manner according to Baullargeon. He, in fact, noted that their findings never showed any increased risk of getting heart attack that was linked to use of testosterone among older men. But even with these findings being brought forward, Baullargeon noted that the whole issue isn’t yet settled and it is far from completion. More definitive evidence will be provided by large scale of clinical trials that are randomized regarding such risks in the years to come.