A Good Parent to a Child with AutismHow devastating autism is for parents and kids

There is this family that is enjoying one fine summer day just hanging out with one another. They were just enjoying each other’s company and they are so simple that they just want to spend their time together even after a busy day at work and even if the kids’ schedules are so tight that also needs a break. But all these just eventually crushed down with just one word and that is AUTISM.

Your some is autistic according to the psychologist, who is not quite sympathetic of what she is saying and she just blow the news out to the family. The parents thought that they were ready then to accept this news, after all they had been thinking that their son named Casey is autistic. He wasn’t able to follow the simple instructions and at the age of 3 ½ he was still carefree, happy go lucky and clingy just like when he was still a baby. He also had a hard time in saying a word or when he says something, he keeps on repeating it as if he never understood what he was saying.

How ASD affects the motor skills of those who are affected?

Casey’s motor skills are not that flawless and he is having a hard time, he has emotional problems, sleep issues and behavioral struggles. Later on the family found out that all of these issues have something to do with ASD or autism spectrum disorder. Casey’s incapacity to communicate well that hurt the whole family the most, it seems that painful that their son lacks the ability that the rest of the family has. Casey’s dad is actually a multi-lingual master and he has mastered 3 European languages, 2 dialects in India, English plus a smattering of Swahili. At an early age, his dad was able to cross 3 continents already.


Casey’s older brother was yearning to become an early bilingual in French and English school, while her mom is a trade writer. Come to think of it, the whole family is into speaking and writer and they just do that naturally without even having a hard time. But of course, things will now change upon learning Casey’s condition. The family studied and they have learned the grammar, simple words and body language that kids with similar condition like Casey will understand. They have embraced it by heart and they have accepted the fact that it will be their 2nd language from now on.


They’ve hired a speech therapist, she goes to their house 2 times a week for one hour to teach the whole family the matters that they have neglect for such a long time. Point by point the therapist have laid out the fragments that they hoped one of these days, their precious little darling will be able to express himself.


After sometime, Casey’s clear developmental milestone came in and he is now able to communicate in his own words. After sometime, the boy who used to be at the side of the house quiet and not mingling with the family can now ask a stranger about his name, his age and so on. He can now respond to those questions too. His step by step development is still in progress and the family hoped that he will be able to live a fuller life too soon.